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Alvear Palo Cortado Viejísimo Abuelo Diego - 37,5 cl.

85,50€ (MwSt inkl. 37,5 cl.) / Deutschland

81,20€/ud (-5%)

Montilla Moriles

Parker Punkte: 97
Peñin Punkte: 96

85,50€ (MwSt inkl. 37,5 cl.) / Deutschland

81,20€/ud (-5%)

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

I wasn't aware of the price or age of the NV Palo Cortado Viejísimo Abuelo Diego when I first encountered it but I was really blown away by it. There is now a new 'Saca 1/2017' of only 318 half bottles, only the second bottling ever, with incredible concentration, dry extract and power. It's a bright copper color with a captivating nose truly nuanced and insinuating, with some traces of a past as an Amontillado that has also developed aromas and flavors that make you think of an Oloroso. There are hints of low tide, rusty nails and saltpeter that are often found in very old wines like this that go beyond the varietal (yes, this was produced by Pedro Ximénez) and the palate shows great finesse and balance, with everything perfectly integrated. I suppose this was never fortified and it just achieved its unnoticeable 19.5% alcohol by sheer concentration. Exceptional.


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