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Vouette & Sorbée Saignée de Sorbée

88,20€ (MwSt inkl. 75 cl.) / Deutschland

83,80€/ud (-5%)

Vouette Sorbée

Parker Punkte: 93
Peñin Punkte:  

88,20€ (MwSt inkl. 75 cl.) / Deutschland

83,80€/ud (-5%)

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

Dark and beautiful in its crimson-ruby color and floral perfume, the NV Saignée de Sorbée is an exciting rosé; intensely fruity, with candied, stewed and balsamic red fruit aromas intermixed with floral and some spicy notes. But, all this is supported by the pure, well-defined and highly delicate fundament of the Portlandian soils of the Sorbée vineyard where this Pinot Noir is sourced. On the palate, this Saignée is a delicious, delicate, fresh, overly charming and mouth-conquering Burgundy transformed to a very fine Champagne. Very fine wild strawberries along with raspberry, redcurrant and cherry flavors tackle the tongue and memories. This is incredibly vinous in its velvety texture—blanketing the mouth in red fruits, with fine, beautifully spicy, refreshing tannins and a lingering flavor of red fruits. There is even fresh thyme in the aftertaste. It is intense and persistent but always pure and elegant. Assertive and great, divine in any case. Will this Sorbée ever end? The bottle is going to, and all too soon. This oak-fermented Saignée de Sorbée is R14, which is from the 2015 harvest, and it was produced with biodynamic viticulture and oenology. No reserve wines were added, and there was also added no sulfur and no dosage. It is irresistible, and I could have it any time, no matter the season, no matter the day or time. Disgorged in November 2016. The front label says Extra Brut, but it is actaully a Brut Nature. Don't miss it! Tasted in August 2018.


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