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Daterra Portela Do Vento Granito 2019

£13.37 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland

Daterra Viticultores
Vino de España

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£13.37 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland



Daterra Portela Do Vento Granito red wine is made from grapes of the highest quality, which are cultivated under a process of organic farming in steep and steep terrain, difficult to access and requiring a lot of effort and work, which are located in Manzaneda, Galicia.
Laura Lorenzo and her life partner, Álvaro Domínguez, are the founders of Daterra Viticultores, and through the practice of heroic viticulture and the elaboration of wines in an artisanal way and without chemical additives, they manage to create wines with aromas and scents that impress those who taste them, as is the case of this red wine.


This is a red wine whose grapes have been cultivated under a system of organic farming and respectful with the application of biodynamic practices and which has been aged in French and chestnut oak barrels for about 11 months.
Previously, the grapes, which are of very high quality, are destemmed and macerated with skins for 15 days, after which spontaneous fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts in 4,000-litre vats. Finally, the wine is bottled with the addition of only a minimal dose of sulphite, without any other chemical additives, and is neither filtered nor clarified.
The vineyards from which the grapes used to make this wine come from are on average 50 years old.


Thanks to the winemaking process described above, this Atlantic wine has a lot of personality, with mineral notes and a slight woody aroma that does not dominate and is hardly noticeable. In addition, the aroma of wild fruits, floral and herbaceous aromas predominate. It is very smooth and light in colour. It is quite fresh, light-bodied, acidic and a little dry.
It is a refreshing drink ideal to accompany various dishes such as red meats, white meats and sausages, and is recommended to be served at about 16.0°C.

The wine of perseverance

This wine, like all those produced by Laura Lorenzo of Daterra Viticultores, is the result of the great effort and perseverance that she and her life partner, Álvaro, put into every minute of their lives, which they invest in working the steep and steep slopes of granite soils where they practice the heroic viticulture from which this exquisite Portela Do Vento Granito wine emerges.
And you, have you not yet enjoyed the pleasure of accompanying your dishes with this delicious wine? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it now!

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