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Daterra Camino De La Frontera Tinto 2019

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Daterra Viticultores
Vino de España

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£13.85 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland

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Laura Lorenzo of Daterra Viticultores has been able to give her personal touch to her brand, making each of her wines show the passion and effort that goes into each stage of its production, and the Camino de la Frontera red wine is no slouch in this respect.
If you want to accompany a good meat or fish, it is best to choose this light and fresh red wine, with soft tannins and a certain acidity, as well as aromas of red fruits and wood.
The vines are grown in a 135-year-old mixed vineyard located in Arribes del Duero, with a predominantly granitic soil with a sandy-loam texture.


All the cultivation is carried out manually and organically, the grapes are harvested by hand, and because the vines are located on steep slopes, no machinery is used, but a heroic agricultural work is carried out to harvest the Juan García, Rufete and Tempranillo grape vines, which are then 50% destemmed and macerated for 12 days.
The wine is then fermented with indigenous yeasts in French oak barrels and chestnut vats and aged for 10 months in chestnut vats and French oak barrels. This wine contains only a little sulphite and no other chemical additives. It is a clean, very natural wine, bottled without filtering or fining.


Camino de la Frontera Tinto is a mineral red wine, with an aromatic intensity ranging from medium to high, fruity flavour with aromas of fresh fruit and herbaceous with floral touches. It also has a woody aroma, an intense red colour and has a somewhat intense acid touch, as well as balsamic hints.

A light and delicate wine

This is a quiet, dry and light red wine, which leaves a slightly bitter but pleasing mouthfeel, and should be served at 16°C. You can use it to enhance the flavour of pork, poultry and pasta with sauces.
What are you waiting for? Dare to taste this red wine that stands out for its intense aroma and light flavour.

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