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Viña Do Avó Blanco 2022

£8.76 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland

Adega Antonio Cajide Gulín

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£8.76 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland



Viña Do Avó Blanco is a wine that embodies tradition and passion for viticulture. This white wine is a tribute to Manuel, the grandfather of the family, who dedicated his life to the vineyard. Produced by Adega Antonio Cajide, it is located in the heart of the Ribeiro region in Galicia, Spain, an area known for its favourable climate and sandy loam soils of granitic origin.


The composition of this wine is a blend of several grapes, being Treixadura the predominant one with 65%, followed by Godello with 20%, and Torrontés with 5%. Albariño, Lado and Caíño Blanco complete the blend, adding up to 10%. This balance of varieties gives the wine a unique complexity. Vinification includes a cold maceration of skins, followed by controlled fermentation. This process brings out the natural qualities of the grapes, while maintaining a deep respect for the environment, avoiding the use of herbicides and pesticides.


Viña Do Avó Blanco is characterised by its freshness and smoothness, presenting an exceptional balance. Its colour is a shiny, clean, pale yellow, of medium intensity, with yellow-green reflections and golden glints. On the nose, predominantly fruity aromas stand out, with hints of honey and yellow flowers, giving it a strong fruity character. On the palate, it is persistent and well-structured, with a remarkable persistence.
This wine is ideal to accompany soft cheeses, white fish and as an aperitif, being best served at a temperature of 8.0°C. Viña Do Avó Blanco is more than a wine; it is a tribute full of emotion and authenticity, reflecting the dedication and love for the land and viticulture.

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