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Esencia Rural de Sol a Sol Tinaja Airén 2019

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Esencia Rural
Vino de España

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£10.19 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland



The wine De Sol a Sol Tinaja Airén of the Bodega Esencia Rural winery is an aromatic white wine that differs from other wines made from this type of grapes, due to the maceration techniques to which the fruit is subjected.
It is defined as a fragrant wine that forms part of the examples that pay tribute to the farmers dedicated to the sowing and harvesting of the fruit, who from Sol a Sol make an effort and are a fundamental part of each process.


De Sol a Sol Tinaja Airén is a white wine made with Airén grapes from old vines from pre-phylloxera vineyards, which are characterised by the particularity of their sandy-limestone soils.
The grapes are harvested in a traditional way, where not only the optimum level of ripeness of the fruit is achieved, but also the intervention of the same is kept to a minimum, so that the fruit can express itself spontaneously.
The grapes are then semi-destemmed and macerated for 112 days, using earthenware jars for this process. After that, fermentation is carried out with indigenous yeasts, and the wine is separated from its skins.
Finally, it is bottled without going through filtering processes or adding sulphites that could alter the natural process of the wine.


The wine De Sol a Sol Tinaja Airén of Esencia Rural is a wine that stands out with its aroma of white fruits tinged with herbaceous tones. In the mouth it is fruity and long lasting on the palate.

A fragrant and delicate wine

This wine denotes in mouth and nose the naturalness of the elaboration process, being delicate in the palate, but with an intense permanence that classifies it as imposing. It is a good choice for tasting with white meats, smoked appetizers and soft cheeses.
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