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Álvaro Castro Dâo 2019

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Álvaro Castro

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Álvaro Castro Dão Tinto is an authentic representation of Portuguese wine, coming from the Dão region. This wine is made from the native Portuguese varieties Alfrocheiro, Touriga Nacional and Jaen (known as Mencia in Spain). These varieties are grown in granite soils mixed with sand, clay and quartz, which gives a distinctive, earthy character to the wine.


Álvaro de Castro, a self-taught and pioneering winemaker, has been a leading figure in the promotion of quality wines in the Dão region. Since inheriting vineyards in 1980, he has expanded his property to three estates in the Serra da Estrela sub-region of Dão: Quintas de Saes, Pellada and Outeiro. In 2000, his daughter, Maria Castro, joined the business and currently oversees both the winemaking and the vineyards. Importantly, these vineyards have been farmed without chemicals for years. With vines ranging in age from 3 to 65 years old and situated at an average altitude of 550m, the wines reflect the richness and diversity of the region's terroir.


Álvaro Castro's Dão Tinto presents itself as a bright, juicy red wine. Its flavour profile is vibrant and highlights the characteristics of the Portuguese varieties from which it is made. The combination of the Alfrocheiro, Touriga-Nacional and Jaen varieties results in a wine with an earthy and pure character, even in its most basic versions, overflowing with personality and authenticity.

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