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Thymiopoulos Xinomavro Nature 2022

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Apostolos Thymiopoulos

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£13.81 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland

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The Thymiopoulos Xinomavro Nature wine is a jewel that comes from the renowned vineyards of Thymiopoulos. This dry red wine belongs to the P.D.O. NAOUSSA category and is an authentic representation of the Xinomavro grape variety, as it is 100% composed of this variety.
The Xinomavro vineyard, where these grapes are grown, is 54 years old and is located on a hillside on the outskirts of the village of Trilofos. At an altitude of 200 metres, the limestone soil and the warm microclimate, moderated by the Mediterranean winds and the cool air that descends from the Vermio mountain, create an environment conducive to the cultivation of this variety. Despite the low altitude, high diurnal variation and relatively low temperatures are characteristic of this region.


50% of the grapes are destemmed and fermented with indigenous yeasts, macerating for 30 days. The wine is aged for 6 months in previously used 500-litre French oak barrels. No sulphites are added at any time during the winemaking process.


Thymiopoulos Xinomavro Nature is a wine that surprises and captivates from the first sip. Although it is a natural wine and can to some extent hide the character of the grape variety, it does not fail to show those spicy, earthy and herbal notes that are so characteristic of Xinomavro. In addition, there are fresh and fruity aromas that make natural wine lovers fall in love with this wine. The final touch is given by that crisp berry fruit flavour that makes it simply enchanting. It is, without a doubt, a sensory experience that invites you to discover and enjoy the essence of Xinomavro at its best.

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