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Els Vinyerons Lluerna 2022

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Els Vinyerons Vins Naturals

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£9.40 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland



Els Vinyerons Lluerna is a white wine that is defined as fresh and structured, product of the treatment of Xarello grapes, using 90% of the current vintage and 10% of the previous year.
As with all the wines from this winery, with this one the naturalness is maintained at each stage of production, ensuring that the grapes can express in a sip the terroir from which they come.
It is classified as an extremely rounded wine, as it balances acidity, sweetness and structure in the mouth, which only a good white wine can do.


The elaboration of Els Vinyerons Lluerna wine begins with the selection of the vineyard for the cultivation of the vines, understanding that each type of soil brings a particularity to the fruit.
In the cultivation process, the naturalness of each phase is guaranteed, minimising the use of additives or chemicals that may alter the essence of the fruit. The grapes are also harvested by hand, ensuring that each bunch is at its ideal level of ripeness before being processed.
Once in the winery, the grapes undergo a fermentation process with local yeasts, using stainless steel tanks. Then, 90% of the wine is aged for 4 months in these same barrels and the rest is blended with the previous vintage in French oak vats. Finally, the wine is aged for 12 months.


The wine Els Vinyerons Lluerna is a white wine that denotes a high degree of minerality, combined with a balsamic touch very characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.

A seductive wine

The particularity of this wine is its ability to balance different tonalities in the mouth, making it a wine that is not only authentic, but also seductive. It is excellent with white fish dishes, smoked foods and risottos.
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  • 23/09/21 Els Vinyerons Lluerna 2019
  • 18/02/21 Els Vinyerons Lluerna 2019 Very good vine for the price.
  • 28/04/20 Els Vinyerons Lluerna 2018 This is a great orange wine
  • 08/04/20 Els Vinyerons Lluerna 2018 Not nice, tastes like cider
  • 07/04/20 Els Vinyerons Lluerna 2018 Fresco, ideal para pescados o para tomar como aperitivo