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Dominio do Bibei Refu 2020

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Dominio do Bibei

Other vintages: 2019

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£13.19 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland

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Dominio do Bibei Refu is an authentic expression of the terroir of the Ribeiro DO, located in the heart of Galicia. This white wine is a single varietal Treixadura, a variety that stands out for its ability to reflect the unique character of the region. Treixadura, known for its balance and aromatic complexity, makes up 100% of this wine, giving it a singular identity and a deep connection with the Galician landscape.


Dominio do Bibei Refu follows a meticulous process to ensure the maximum expression of the variety and terroir. After the harvest, the wine ferments with indigenous yeasts, adding layers of complexity and a sense of place. It then rests on its lees in stainless steel tanks, a technique that gives it body and density while preserving its vital freshness. This careful ageing process enhances the nuances of the Treixadura and contributes to the wine's structure and longevity.


Dominio do Bibei Refu is a reflection of its meticulous winemaking and ageing. It is characterised by a harmonious combination of freshness and complexity, where aromas of white flowers, fresh grass and pear intertwine with a silky texture and a persistent finish. The presence of the Treixadura is evident in every sip, offering a balanced acidity that enhances the flavours and ensures a memorable taste experience. This wine encapsulates the essence of the Ribeiro DO, a region with a long winemaking history dating back to the 2nd century BC, and demonstrates Galicia's potential to produce world-class white wines.

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