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Domaine De Majas Blanc 2023

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Domaine De Majas
VDP des Côtes Catalanes

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£12.68 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland

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Domaine De Majas Blanc is a white wine that denotes the naturalness of the winery's vinification process. It is a fresh and aromatic wine, with a characteristic minerality in its flavour, which affirms the presence of Mediterranean winds in the cultivation of the fruit.
It is classified as organic, thanks to the fact that at all stages of production the minimum intervention of chemicals and machinery is ensured, guaranteeing the expression of flavour and aroma of the grapes.
It is a wine that is born as a product of the processing of Macabeo, Rolle and white Cariñena grapes, achieving a unique and peculiar wine.


The production of the Domaine De Majas Blanc wine begins with the cultivation of the grapes in the vineyards certified as organic, with varieties over 35 years old.
The soils are clay and limestone, which determines the quality and taste of the grapes grown. The grapes are harvested when the fruit is at optimum maturity, using manual techniques.
They are then taken to the winery to undergo a pressing process and subsequent alcoholic fermentation with their own yeasts, in a spontaneous manner. In the production of this type of wine, care is taken to ensure that there is no intervention of wood elements that could alter the flavour. To this end, it is replaced by stainless steel tanks.


Domaine De Majas Blanc is a fresh wine with floral and fruity notes, which converge in an elegant taste on the palate.

An aromatic wine

This wine is characterised for being a very aromatic wine, where you can notice the presence of flowers and citrus fruits that determine it as a fresh wine.
For pairing, it is recommended as a good accompaniment to dishes that include pasta, white fish, appetizers, white meats and some vegetables.
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