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Clos Lentiscus Núria Cartoixà Vermell 2018

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Clos Lentiscus
Vino de España

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£19.14 (Inc. VAT & Duties bot. 75 cl.) / United Kingdom



Clos Lentiscus Núria Cartoixà Vermell is a sparkling wine made from a single varietal wine known as Cartoixà Vermell by the Clos Lentiscus winery in the Penedès DO.
These grapes are also called Xarello Rojo and come from Vinya Martina, planted in 1976 on calcareous sandy soils and following the principles of biodynamic agriculture.


The grapes are harvested by hand at the optimum point of ripeness in order to obtain the surprising complexity of fruity aromas that characterise this wine.
After the grapes are pressed, alcoholic fermentation begins with indigenous yeasts in 55-litre demijohns. However, as this wine is made using the ancestral method, fermentation is completed in the bottle, where it is left to settle for 12 months.


Clos Lentiscus Núria Cartoixà Vermell is a wine with fine bubbles, with pleasant and intensely complex fruity notes. On the palate it is fresh, fruity and with good volume.
It is so delicious that drinking it allows you to travel to those beautiful vineyards surrounded by Mediterranean forests.

A sparkling, natural and crisp wine.

Cartoixà Vermell is an autochthonous Catalan variety that is fantastic for the production of sparkling wines.
This delicious wine in the gastronomic field is perfect as an aperitif, and undoubtedly, given its gastronomic versatility, it can accompany different combinations of rice with seafood, fish, pickled or grilled vegetables.
And you, have you already had the delicious experience of tasting the amazing Clos Lentiscus Núria Cartoixà Vermell? Be sure to do so and leave us your comments!

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