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Algueira Mencía Joven 2023

£11.41 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland

Adega Algueira
Ribeira Sacra

Other vintages: 2021

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£11.41 (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / North Ireland



Algueira Mencía Joven is a red wine that represents the essence of the Ribeira Sacra, a wine region of Spain known for its dramatic landscapes and terraced vineyards. This wine is a single varietal, made from 100% Mencía grapes, a variety indigenous to the region. The Mencía grape is characterised by its adaptation to the slate and schist soils of the area, which give the wine a remarkable uniqueness.


Algueira Mencía Joven is made with a focus on the naturalness and expression of the terroir. The grapes are destemmed and pressed, followed by fermentation in stainless steel tanks. This process enhances the purity and freshness of the fruit, without the intervention of barrel ageing. This winemaking method reflects a commitment to producing wines that are true to their origin and variety.


Algueira Mencía Joven is distinguished by its freshness and vivacity. When tasting it, a fresh attack is initially perceived in the mouth, which evolves into an enveloping and gourmand sensation. This wine stands out for its balance between acidity and glycerin, creating a harmonious and pleasant taste experience. The nose displays aromas of red fruit such as raspberry and cherry, along with black berries such as blackberry. These fruity aromas combine with slightly milky notes, reminiscent of strawberry lollipops, and are complemented by mineral nuances, especially graphite.
Algueira Mencía Joven reflects the tradition and modernity of viticulture in the Ribeira Sacra, offering a sensory experience that connects the drinker with the land it comes from. Its youthful character and aromatic profile make it an excellent choice for those seeking to explore the wines of this unique region of Spain.

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