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Clos Kixhaya Les Grappes 2020

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Clos Kixhaya

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14.83₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

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Clos Kixhaya Les Grappes is a creation of Béatriz Papamija and Etienne le Blanc at Clos Kixhaya. This wine is the result of a short maceration, specifically a few dozen days, of the Cabernet Franc variety.


The clusters that give rise to this wine come from the Clos, a terroir of varennes very characteristic of the Chinon appellation, combining sands and alluvium from the Vienne River. Maceration was carried out with whole bunches, in a process similar to carbonic maceration, followed by ageing in concrete tanks, to be finally bottled in spring. Les Grappes is a wine with no additives, 100% naturally fermented grape juice, and in particular, no added sulphites.


Clos Kixhaya Les Grappes is a naturally vinified Chinon, low in tannins and alcohol, with an emphasis on fruitiness and digestibility. Its texture on the palate is luscious and pleasant, suitable to satisfy most palates. However, its aromatic profile is bolder and may be divisive for some. This wine represents a different proposition within the traditional Chinon appellation, guaranteed not to leave the taster indifferent. It is essential to mention that a vigorous decanting is necessary to eliminate residual gas.

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