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Luis Pérez El Muelle de Olaso 2022

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Bodegas Luis Pérez
VT Cádiz

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El Muelle de Olaso is an exceptional wine from Bodegas Luis Pérez, which pays homage to Luis Pérez's place of origin. This wine represents an innovative vision of the future of the Jerez wine region. Sourced from the El Corregidor vineyard, El Muelle de Olaso is made in the traditional Vino de Pasto style of the 19th century and undergoes only a few months of ageing under flor.
The variety used is 100% Palomino Fino, a grape that defies the belief of being neutral in flavour, revealing in this wine citrus and tropical flavours, a lively chalky minerality and a touch of herbal tanginess due to its brief contact with flor. The vineyard, 40 years old, is located on a soil of albariza de barajuelas, known for its laminar marl. Harvesting takes place continuously for almost two months, selecting clusters for different types of wines.


The elaboration of El Muelle de Olaso includes 80% fermented in stainless steel tanks at low temperature, while the remaining 20% is sun-dried and fermented in a sherry cask, which is racked in December. After that, the wine is blended and aged for 6 months on its lees in tanks.


Muelle de Olaso stands out for its citric and tropical profile, complemented by a chalky minerality and herbal tangency. These sensory characteristics make it an exceptionally expressive and authentic wine, which has received high ratings from critics such as Wine Advocate, reflecting its quality and uniqueness.
In short, El Muelle de Olaso by Bodegas Luis Pérez is a wine that encapsulates the rich history and promising future of sherry viticulture in Jerez, offering a unique sensory experience and a tribute to the region's winemaking tradition.

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