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Luis Pérez El Triangulo 2021

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Bodegas Luis Pérez
VT Cádiz

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12.07₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland



Luis Pérez El Triángulo is a unique expression of Andalusian viticulture, standing out for its singularity and quality. This wine is produced by Bodegas Luis Pérez, a winery that has set new standards in the Jerez region, led by Luis Pérez, professor of oenology, and his son Willy.


El Triángulo is a single varietal wine, made from 100% Tintilla grapes. This variety is harvested from three different vineyards: Balbaína, Corchuelo and Carrascal, each bringing unique characteristics to the wine due to the diversity of soils and microclimates. The grapes are harvested by hand and at night, in small boxes to guarantee the quality of the grapes. During the winemaking process, the grapes are selected on the table and vinified with 60% of clusters without destemming in stainless steel tanks and open barrels for approximately 30 days. This meticulous process seeks to respect the softness and elegance of the Tintilla.
El Triángulo is aged for 5 months in five-year-old French oak barrels, followed by 15 months in tank before bottling. This ageing contributes to the complexity and structure of the wine, while maintaining the freshness and characteristics of the grape.


Luis Pérez El Triángulo is characterised by being light and spicy, offering a unique taste experience. The Tintilla contributes notes of cherry and blackberry, with a distinctive spicy touch. The wine has refreshing acidity and a clean finish, making it an excellent introduction to this indigenous and historically significant variety. The combination of certified organic viticulture, terroir diversity and careful winemaking results in a wine that is expressive, saline and authentic, reflecting the essence of Andalusia.

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