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Alvear Fino En Rama 2017

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Montilla Moriles

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9.88₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland



The Alvear Fino En Rama wine is a classic expression of the fino de Montilla-Moriles, standing out for its unique elaboration and ageing. Produced exclusively with the 100% Pedro Ximénez variety, this wine is a reflection of the tradition and quality of Bodegas Alvear. The grapes come from Alvear's own vineyards, located in the Sierra de Montilla Superior Quality, a highly prestigious sub-zone in Montilla-Moriles, south of Cordoba, Spain. These vineyards, planted between 1920 and 1980, are farmed sustainably, avoiding the use of harmful fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.


The production of Alvear Fino En Rama begins with a base wine of Pedro Ximénez fermented to 15% alcohol, without additional fortification. This process is carried out in vats, followed by ageing in American oak barrels under a veil of flor. This static ageing method, carried out in a particularly humid part of the cellar, favours the vigorous growth of the flor, a crucial aspect given that the wine is not refilled annually. Alvear Fino En Rama is aged for five years in American oak barrels, maintaining its character "en rama", i.e. unblended, unstabilised and aged statically, not in solera.


Alvear Fino En Rama is characterised by its straw yellow colour with golden glints, presenting a clean and bright appearance. On the nose, this fino offers good aromatic intensity, with sharp notes and a range of aromas that include dried fruits, almonds, light toasted notes and a mineral background, all of them products of its meticulous ageing. On the palate, it reveals itself as a dry wine with a pleasant, fresh entry. Nutty flavours intertwine with hints of chalk and saltiness, evoking the sea breeze. Its unctuous texture and mineral character are complemented by a well-defined structure, culminating in a long finish of outstanding intensity. This flavour profile makes Alvear Fino En Rama a unique experience for fine wine lovers.

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