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Mestizaje Blanco 2021

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Bodega Mustiguillo
Vino de España

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Parker Points: 91+
Peñin Points: 92

10.19₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

I tasted two vintages of some wines, which is always a good opportunity to compare two years side by side, like the white 2019 Mestizaje Blanco that I tasted next to the 2020. It comes from Finca Calvestra at 920 meters in altitude, so a Mediterranean white looking for freshness through altitude. This is a blend of 65% Merseguera, 24% Viognier and 11% Malvasía matured in concrete and stainless steel for six months. It has medium ripeness at 13.5% alcohol and good freshness and acidity. It has a very expressive, complex and developed nose, with notes of flowers and pollen, a little exuberant but with a very balanced and mineral palate. 54,896 bottles produced. It was bottled in April 2020.



Mestizaje Blanco is a young wine defined as balanced and clean, which many tasters consider to be the jewel of the Mustiguillos winery.
It is a wine made from 60% Merseguera grapes, plus a portion of Viognier and Malvasía, from the Calvestra Estate, which is also part of this winery.
These vineyards are located at an altitude of more than 900 metres above sea level, which determines the peculiar taste of this wine, using organic viticulture techniques with a glass.


The production of this wine begins with the cultivation of the vines in calcareous soils, which are then harvested by hand and stored in boxes of a maximum of 15 kg, taking care to minimise damage to the fruit.
Each type of grape is fermented in individual plots with indigenous yeasts, as each has different characteristics in this process. The grapes are then destemmed on the table and lightly crushed to obtain the must.
The maceration is carried out in cold, using stainless steel tanks and for a period of approximately 4 to 8 hours, depending on the variety. The wine is then aged on its fine lees for 8 months before bottling.


The Mestizaje Blanco de Mustiguillo wine has a golden yellow colour with greenish glints, which expresses in its aroma the freshness of its citric notes with hints of white flowers. On the palate you will be able to taste an unfiltered texture, but maintaining the peculiarity of its fresh tones.

A golden wine with a peculiar aroma

The aroma of this wine is one of the characteristics that best defines it, as the vineyard where the grapes are grown is surrounded by various aromatic plantations that determine the peculiarity of its aroma. It is ideal to accompany meals that include rice, white fish and appetizers.
Have you tasted any other wine with marked aromatic tendencies? Tell us about your experience!

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Customer reviews
  • 16/11/20 Mestizaje Blanco 2018 Very nice wine beautiful taste
  • 04/05/20 Mestizaje Blanco 2018 Great light summary white
  • 29/11/18 Mestizaje Blanco 2017 Very good taste, but offcourse taste is personal.
  • 07/03/21 Mestizaje Blanco 2019 Un vino muy elegante, fácil de beber, notas de fruta tropical y una acidez media, buen postgusto, muy recomendable.