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Fino Tradición

23.18₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

22.01₣/ud (-5%)

Bodegas Tradición
Jerez Xérès Sherry

Other sizes: Magnum

Parker Points: 93+
Peñin Points: 90

23.18₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

22.01₣/ud (-5%)

Robert Parker's Wine Advocate

There are two yearly bottlings of the NV Fino Viejo Tradición, one in the spring and another one in the autumn, sometimes marked with the month and sometimes with the season. This one specified Primavera 2016 (spring 2016) must have been recently bottled (or even just before bottling). I had three different bottlings to taste side by side, which is really interesting, as these wines, like all, develop in bottle contrary to what it was said before - that they spoiled in bottle and had to be drunk ASAP. This is the freshest of the three, and the flor is still there, very tender, with more citric aromas and notes reminiscent of the fresh yeasts - the 'flor'. The difference between 'sacas' are always subtle, and at the end of the day the differences between wines is also very much marked by how long ago the wine was bottled. So I decided to go back to grouping the different bottlings under one same wine and just specify the lot/saca/bottling date in the tasting note. This recent one reminded me a lot of the other when tasted young, with a character of an old, traditional fino; not shy of showing a dark golden color or an expressive, slightly oxidative nose with plenty of influence of the yeasts, under which it has been for ten to 12 years. The character has the holy trinity of fino, chalk, esparto grass and brine. This has become one of the most consistent and best old Finos around. They always bottle some 3,000 bottles.


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  • 18/06/20 Fino Tradición I've been to the Bodega where this is produced - it is best fino I have ever tasted and is as good at home as it is in Spain!