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Cosmic Gratitud Cabernet Franc 2021

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Vino de España

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13.12₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland



Cosmic Gratitud Cabernet Franc is a red wine made from Cabernet Franc and Sumoll grapes from the region of Catalonia.
Besides being distinguished by its characteristic fruity and juicy taste, it stands out for its permanence on the palate and the texture resulting from the ageing process.
The mineral touch of this wine, a product of its proximity to the Mediterranean, also differentiates it from other reds, without leaving aside the floral notes and the freshness of spicy touches. It is a light wine that balances the acidity very well with the dry effect on the palate.


The winemaking process begins with the grapes being harvested by hand and then placed in 10 kg crates to guarantee the preservation of the fruit.
Once they are taken to the winery, a process of maceration with indigenous yeasts begins, placing the fruit in different containers, where 70% is placed in amperas and the remaining 30% in stainless steel tanks.
This process lasts 12 days and then the wine is aged for 3 months in French oak barrels. Finally, it is bottled unfiltered.


Còsmic Cosmic Gratitud Cabernet Franc is defined as a wine between fruity and spicy, perfectly balancing the acidity and the tannin touches that characterise it.

An aromatic and fresh wine

It is a wine that stands out for its aroma of fresh and ripe fruit, perfectly combined with floral tones. It is ideal for tasting with red meats, pasta and some white meats.
The freshness of this wine invites you to enjoy a unique experience, and the perfect balance between fruity and spicy tones.
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