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La Vinya d'en Tomas 2022

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Amor Per La Terra
Vino de España

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13.84₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

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La Vinya d'en Tomás is an exquisite red wine that combines winemaking tradition with oenological innovation.
From selected vineyards, this wine captivates with its elegance and intense fruity notes. In addition, it has a careful elaboration, which represents the essence of the region and satisfies the most demanding palates.


The winemaking process begins with a careful process of natural carbonic maceration. In that sense, the red Grenache and Muscatel grapes are selected and placed in special barrels and undergo an intracellular fermentation, where the whole bunches ferment inside their own skins.
This method produces a wine with an explosion of fruity aromas and intense flavours. After fermentation, the wine undergoes an ageing process in oak barrels, where it acquires complexity and smoothness.
Finally, it is bottled without filtering or fining and is left to settle to reach its fullness before being enjoyed by lovers of good wine.


La Vinya d'en Tomas wine offers a tasty and young flavour. It stands out for its fruity character and presents delicious aromas of red fruits. Its palate is balanced and fresh, with a pleasant acidity that enhances the expression of the fruit flavours, making each sip a delightful experience.

An impressive wine

Delight yourself with La Vinya d'en Tomas wine, which will transport you to a world of intense flavours. It is a red wine that is ideal as an aperitif, and its freshness and fruity notes harmonise perfectly with a platter of cold meats.
On the other hand, its versatility allows it to be the perfect companion for vegetable dishes, enhancing their flavour. If you are a red meat lover, this wine will surprise you with its balance and smoothness when paired with juicy and tasty cuts.
Discover the oenological excellence of La Vinya d'en Tomas wine and let yourself be seduced by its exquisite personality. This wine is impressive, you won't be disappointed!

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