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Frisach La Foradada 2022

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Celler Frisach
Terra Alta

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12.74₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland



The village of Corbera d'Ebre is known as "La Foradada", this name is due to the large number of windows that can be seen in the distance, and the Frisach La Foradada wine is the origin of this village where the Celler Frisach winery is located.
With more than 200 years of history related to viticulture, the Frisach Winery has produced wines of the highest quality, but with the minimum intervention, respecting the land and taking care of every detail of the winemaking process, to maintain its flavour and aroma as natural as possible.


The Frisach La Foradada brisat wine is made exclusively from Garnatxa Blanca or Vernatxa Blanca grape vines, grown on stony, calcareous clay soils on the Quart estate,
It is an organic white wine made from the breeze of the wine, both the stems and the skins, pulp and seeds. The must is fermented with the skins for a couple of weeks in stainless steel tanks, after which spontaneous alcoholic fermentation takes place with indigenous yeasts.
The wine is then aged on its lees for nine months and not stirred, and finally bottled without filtering or fining, nor are sulphites added, it is only stabilised thanks to the cold of winter and rests in the bottle before being released onto the market.


The white wine Frisach La Foradada has balsamic and herbaceous notes with soft menthol aromas. In addition, it has a white fruit flavour and an energising acidity.
This single varietal wine is dry, complex, elegant and fresh. It also feels silky and intense.

A wine that honours its people

The non-crianza white wine Frisach La Foradada honours its village, not only with its name, but also with its taste and aroma. It is a perfect single varietal wine for dinners with friends or family, and also for other joyful occasions.
It goes well with white meats, fish, grilled, baked and in sauces. The best thing is that it also goes perfectly with cured and semi-cured cheeses, as well as with rissottos and rice dishes.
Try it and let us know what you think!

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