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Clandestina Blanc Sense Papers 2021

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Bodega Clandestina
Vino de España

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14.47₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

13.77₣/ud (-5%)



Clandestina Blanc Sense Papers is a wine that was born in the Bodegas Clandestinas winery, thanks to the initiative and effort of the oenologist Ferrán Lacruz. This winery is located on an 8-hectare plot of land where different types of grapes are cultivated using ancestral techniques to guarantee the freshness of the fruit.
The vineyards are located in a small village in the Penedés wine region called Sant Martí Sarroca, where they have been working since 1980 and have kept producing rich export quality wines, using the best local products that give quality and good taste to all their liquors.


It is a wine suitable for vegans, made with Xarel grapes, which have been harvested by hand and fermented with the fruit's own yeasts. It is a well-balanced, natural white wine, produced from fruit that is pressed in stainless steel tanks with its skins and seeds.
The juice or must is fermented and then aged in amphorae or barrels in the most natural way, without adding products other than the fruit itself. The final product is bottled without clarifying, filtering or adding sulphur.


The Clandestina Blanc Sense Papers wine is characterised by its Mediterranean character, with a refreshing touch of saltiness and other flavours of citrus and ripe fruit.

A special wine with citrus and ripe fruit nuances.

With this wine, Bodegas Clandestinas reaffirms its position as one of the best wine producers in the area. You cannot miss the opportunity to taste and enjoy it, as it is ideal for pairing with light dishes such as white fish, seafood or salads.
Its smooth and rich taste is chosen by the most demanding palates who want to enjoy it alone or in company.
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