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Cascayu 2021

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Dominio do Bibei
Ribeira Sacra

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10.87₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

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Cascayu is an authentic expression of the Ribeira Sacra, produced by Dominio do Bibei. This wine is the result of a careful selection of specific plots: Galga, Freixo and Eidos, standing out for its varietal composition that includes Mencía, Brancellao, Mouratón and Sousón. The ages of the vines vary significantly, from 16 years for the Mencía to 100 years for the other varieties, bringing a unique complexity to the wine.


The winemaking process follows a meticulous process that includes 12 months of ageing in wood, divided between 5 months in Foudre and 7 months in barrel, followed by 6 months of refining in bottle, which contributes to its distinctive organoleptic profile.


Cascayu is distinguished by a palate where ripe fruit takes centre stage, accompanied by a remarkable but harmonious tannic structure. The tannins, although high, are integrated in such a way that they are not obtrusive, but contribute to the texture and complexity of the wine. On the nose, aromas of wet earth and floral notes unfold, including lavender, creating a rich and evocative olfactory experience. This aromatic and taste profile makes Cascayu an exceptionally balanced and expressive wine, a reflection of its terroir and Galicia's indigenous varieties.

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