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Lovamor Albillo 2022

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Alfredo Maestro
VT Castilla y León

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Lovamor Albillo is a non-crianza white wine made from the Albillo grape variety by the Alfredo Maestro winery in Peñafiel, Valladolid, under the Castilla y León appellation.
The grapes used for this wine come from centenary vineyards, planted more than 100 years ago, between 1891 and 1910.
They are vineyards planted in a peculiar way with different orientations and at different altitudes between 770 and 1,000 metres and have different soil compositions. These qualities of the vineyards give rise to a white wine with a truly special character.


After manual harvesting, the grapes are destemmed and crushed before maceration for about a week with the skins intact.
Subsequently, fermentation is carried out in stainless steel tanks using indigenous yeasts from the vineyard. It is not aged.
Lovamor Albillo is bottled naturally. This may result in solid particles in the wine, but in no case does it mean that the wine is in bad condition. It is a wine that does not require fining, filtration and malolactic fermentation.


Lovamor Albillo is a white wine that denotes the maximum expression of floral and herbal aromas. In the mouth it is seductive with an exceptional freshness and good acidity. It is a surprising and impressive wine!

A great creamy and structured wine

Lovamor is a unique single varietal wine made with a love for varied and different terroirs.
Alfredo Maestro is a winemaker who has charted his own path in winemaking, following natural methods, creating wines that are faithful transmitters of the characteristics of the terroir that gave them their origin.
Lovamor is perfect at dinners with friends to accompany white fish dishes, pasta dishes, chicken, soft cheeses and cured meats.
You are about to taste one of the unbeatable wines from the Alfredo Maestro winery! You will love it!

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Customer reviews
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