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La Vinya del Boter 2021

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Amor Per La Terra
Vino de España

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The wine La Vinya del Boter is a red wine made from Monastrell, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Parellada grapes. These fruits come from vineyards where organic and biodynamic techniques and procedures are applied, as the winery's philosophy is to collaborate with local winegrowers who promote this type of practices.
It is a natural wine classified as organic, as no chemical additives are included in any of the procedures for its production, as this avoids altering its flavour or aroma and promotes the natural expression of the fruit.
Many define this wine as a light red wine, with a tendency towards an intense pinkish colour.


The production of La Vinya del Boter wine begins in the village of Rodonyá, under the supervision of Salvador Batlle Sendra, who ensures that the fruit is grown using ecological techniques. For this purpose, vineyards with calcareous soils are used, which, through biodynamic agriculture, guarantees the natural balance of the terroir, avoiding the addition of chemical elements.
The grapes are harvested by hand when the fruit has reached optimum ripeness. It is then taken to the winery to be vinified with minimum intervention and then fermented with indigenous yeasts. Finally, the wine is bottled without filtering or fining.


La Vinya del Boter wine is a light red wine with a tendency towards intense pink, with an accentuated red fruit flavour, balanced with minerals, earthy notes and spicy hints. On the palate, you will notice the very characteristic freshness of this wine, influenced by the marked presence of tannins.

A juicy wine with an intense aroma.

The wine La Vinya del Boter is a wine with a very defined flavour and aroma, which besides bringing freshness and juiciness to the palate, denotes the peculiarity of a rosé and the intensity of a red wine. It is a wine that combines perfectly with red meats such as veal, sausages and vegetables.
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