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Grinton M&M

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Alex della Vecchia
Vino da Tavola

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14.19₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

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Grinton M&M wine is a bottled perfume that comes from a fifty year old vineyard located on clay and limestone in the Colli Euganei. Here, Moscato Giallo and Merlot are intertwined in the traditional way.


Honouring the field blends of yesteryear, the grapes are harvested together: the Moscato is destemmed and the Merlot is kept in whole bunches. Both varieties ferment on their skins for a week before being pressed and transferred to a vat until the following March. This wine, bottled young and bursting with energy, captures all the hope of spring, with red berries and wild flowers adding to its charm.


Grinton M&M exudes a fresh, lively essence that evokes spring in every sip. Its predominant notes are those of red berries, which bring a fruity and sweet touch, complemented by the aroma of wild flowers that gives it a delicate and aromatic character. The combination of Moscato Giallo and Merlot results in a balanced wine, where the sweetness of the Moscato blends perfectly with the robustness of the Merlot.

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