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Domaine De Majas Rouge 2022

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Domaine De Majas
VDP des Côtes Catalanes

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Majas Rouge de Domaine is a red wine made from two indigenous grapes, Carignan and Grenache Noir. Its striking bright ruby red colour is one of its most defining characteristics and is the reason for its name.
It is defined by many tasters as a balanced wine, as the level of acidity and the mineral touch converge perfectly to make you taste a fruity experience with spicy hints. In addition, you will notice the presence of tannins that classify this wine as an elegant and fine specimen.


The fruit that gives this wine its characteristic flavour is grown in the Pyrenees in the Cotes Catalanes. As mentioned above, the grape variety used is Garnacha and Cariñena, however, the flavour is influenced by the floral fruit bushes and spices that are found around.
Harvesting is carried out by hand, ensuring that the fruit retains its properties when it reaches the winery. The wine is then fermented in a cement tank, ideal for guaranteeing the freshness of the must, with indigenous yeasts.
Finally, the wine is aged and then bottled and distributed.


Domaine De Majas Rouge is a red wine that many classify as juicy, denoting various aromas of red fruits and flowers. On the palate you will taste an intense black fruit flavour, with perfectly balanced acidity and minerality.

A spicy wine

The Domaine De Majas Rouge wine is classified as a spicy wine because of the peculiar sensation it leaves on the palate. However, it is also defined as juicy and powerful, impacting the taster not only by its flavour, but also by its imposing deep red colour with purplish tones. It is ideal with blue cheese or white cheese varieties.
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  • 20/01/20 Domaine De Majas Rouge 2017 Ich hab den Wein im Restaurant probiert und war begeistert. Die gelieferten Flaschen, hab ich noch nicht probieren können. Das Etikett ist aber ein anderes als im Restaurant und als bei dem Artikel beim Händler.