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Cinque Campi Rosso 2022

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Cinque Campi
Lambrusco dell'Emilia

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15.63₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

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Cinque Campi Rosso is the flagship wine of Cinque Campi, an honest and traditional sample of Lambrusco made from a traditional local clone supplemented with indigenous grapes. The wine's label is a work of art created by Vanni's young son.
The grapes that make up this wine are mainly Lambrusco Grasparossa, which accounts for 75-80% of the blend. The rest is made up of Malbo Gentile and Marzemino. These grapes come from vineyards with a clayey and silica-rich soil, with vines that have an average age of more than 30 years. The total production of this wine is 6.000 bottles.


The grapes are harvested by hand in small boxes and destemmed. Maceration is carried out in open oak and chestnut vats, with daily blending for 10 days. Fermentation takes place in a stainless steel tank for 6 months. Subsequently, the wine is transferred to bottles with the addition of unfermented must from the same harvest and left to referment for a minimum of 8 months. No fining, filtering or sulphur addition is carried out at any time (total sulphates <10 ppm). Finally, it is disgorged without any dosage.


Cinque Campi Rosso has a charming personality, comforting and friendly, but at the same time irresistible. If this wine were a person, it would be that fun, unpretentious, yet incredibly interesting friend to talk to. Always ready to listen to you and laugh at everything, offering you interesting reflections that make you enjoy every minute together, whether at an informal weekday party or an elegant dinner. And that's because, when you taste it, you can appreciate lush fruit and immense pleasure, but also interesting depths, well-incorporated tannins and a touch of funk.

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