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Parés Baltà Honeymoon 2021

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Parés Baltà

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9.57₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland



The organic white wine Parés Baltà Honeymoon reflects the most beautiful love between one of the managers of the Parés Baltà winery and his wife, which is why it bears this name, precisely to honour its origin, the honeymoon of Joan Cusiné and his wife María Carol.
This intense and aromatic wine has been produced using mixed ancestral and innovative techniques, but based on biodynamic principles, as this family even produces its own compost, for which they have a flock of sheep, as well as a honeycomb of bees that contribute to pollination.


This is a single varietal wine made only from Parellada grapes grown on the Les Torres estate in Penedès, at an altitude of 630 metres above sea level.
The grapes are harvested by hand and pressed by gravity in the cellar, then fermented in stainless steel tanks for almost a month. The end of fermentation is stopped to preserve some residual sugar.


This organic white winehas a citrus flavour and notes of white fruits. It has a pale yellow colour with golden reflections and good acidity.
It also feels somewhat sweet due to the residual sugar and has a light entry as well as an elongated finish.

The most romantic wine of the winery

This is a young white wine suitable for vegans, which goes very well with foie gras, fish, sushi and other Asian dishes. Due to its origin, it is the most recommended wine for romantic evenings as a couple, and even for weddings.
It also goes perfectly with rissotto, grilled meats, and blue cheeses. Don't wait to be told about it, try this wine at a romantic dinner with your partner and let him or her be impressed by its taste and quality!

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