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Parés Baltà Calcari 2021

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Parés Baltà

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10.56₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland



The Parés Baltà winery is characterised by the fact that throughout its 200 years of history, it has produced the best organic wines, and also because it has obtained certification for organic cultivation, while its winegrowers have obtained Démeter certification.
In this winery they prepare compost that is used to protect the soil and make it more optimal for cultivation, which benefits the soil and of course the grapes. This is why they are able to produce wines of the highest quality, such as the organic single-varietal white wine Parés Baltà Calcari.


The Parés Baltà Calcari wine is a single varietal organic white wine, made only with Xarel-Io grape vines, grown on calcareous soils in plots located at an altitude of 23 metres above sea level, with gentle slopes.
The grapes are harvested by hand. The maceration process is so short that it lasts only four hours, then the grapes are gently pressed and fermented in stainless steel tanks for about three weeks.
During this time,daily bâttonages are carried out to firm up the structure of the wine, while the grapes undergo a period of resting on the lees, which lasts about three months.


The natural white wine Parés Baltà Calcari has citrus notes and white fruit flavours. It is a mineral wine with volume, but quite fresh.
It is a markedly varietal and well-structured wine, with a medium intensity. It is also elegant and has good acidity.

The winery's most romantic wine

The Parés Baltà Calcari wine faithfully reflects the terroir, being an organic wine with medium persistence that expresses its varietal character in a marked way.
It is a dry white wine that can be served at gatherings with friends, family or work colleagues. It also goes very well with fish, seafood, pasta and goat's cheese.
Dare to try this wine and discover its aromas and flavours. Then write to us to tell us what you thought.

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