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Oriol Artigas La Canya 2021

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Oriol Artigas Viticultor
Vino de España

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12.91₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland

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Oriol Artigas La Canya is defined as a juicy, young white wine, which is also classified as elegant with Mediterranean tones in its flavour. It is the product of the processing of Pansa Blanca, Godello, Garnatxa Blanca and Picapoll grapes.
Its aroma is fresh, smooth and with slight fruity effects, which together with the floral and saline touches, makes it a very particular wine.
Its elaboration is a determining factor in its flavour, as the winery ensures minimum intervention, from the grape harvest to the fermentation process.
If you want to taste a meaty wine, but with a powerful mineral core and spicy touches, La Canya will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience.


The production of Oriol Artigas La Canya begins with the grapes being harvested by hand and then transferred to the winery where they are destemmed and pressed.
The next step is to promote the spontaneous fermentation process using native yeasts. From this moment on, the ageing process begins , which lasts 7 months and is carried out in stainless steel tanks.
Respecting its principle of minimal intervention, La Canya is not subjected to a stabilisation or filtering process. Neither are sulphites added during the bottling process.


As mentioned above, Oriol Artigas La Canya is described as a fleshy wine with a strong mineral core. This flavour is complemented by citrus tones and a touch of salt and spiciness. The finish is long and persistent.

A wine that maintains tradition in its essence

The flavour of Oriol Artigas La Canya takes you back to the most traditional winemaking techniques, not only for its texture and body, but also for maintaining a sensation of freshness and lightness on the palate. It is perfect for sharing with appetizers and different dishes that include rice as the main ingredient.
Although it is a young wine, with its particular flavour it can make you relive moments of yesteryear.
Have you ever tasted a young wine? Tell us about your experience.

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