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L'Oranget del Montmell 2023

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Amor Per La Terra
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L'Oranget del Montmell is an orange wine made from the Macabeo, Moscatell and Cariñena grape varieties, which, with each sip, denote the freshness of the terroir from which they come.
Like other wines from this winery, this wine follows the philosophy of seeking the maximum expression of the fruit, in a natural way, avoiding the addition of chemical elements that may alter its aroma and flavour.
It is a very peculiar wine in its taste, capable of conquering even the most exquisite palate.


The production of L'Oranget del Montmell wine begins with the cultivation of the fruit, which is carried out in vineyards with sandy and calcareous soils, which largely determine its flavour. The harvesting phase is essential, as it must be carried out just when the fruit reaches optimum ripeness, which is why it is done by hand.
After the grapes are harvested, the Moscatel undergoes a maceration with skins for 12 days. However, the Carignan and Macabeo are only subjected to this process for only 2 days.
After that, the fruit is fermented in stainless steel tanks, using indigenous yeasts for each variety. Finally, it is bottled without undergoing any clarification or filtering process.


The L'Oranget del Montmell wine is an orange wine that is characterised by its high level of acidity, providing freshness and elegance in each sip. As for its aroma, it denotes an accentuated tendency of floral and citric tones.

A tropical wine

The wine L'Oranget del Montmell is classified as a tropical wine, due to the freshness provided by its particular acidity. It is an example that combines perfectly with appetizers made with Iberian sausages.
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