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Esencia Rural de Sol a Sol Velasco 2020

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Esencia Rural
Vino de España

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Esencia Rural de Sol a Sol Velasco is a natural wine made from Tinto Velasco, a grape variety grown in vineyards with 1500 pre-phylloxera vines over 150 years old.
This is a red wine that honours the work of the farmers of this winery, who are dedicated to the planting and harvesting of the fruit, ensuring that all phases follow the philosophy of winemaker Julian Ruiz Villanueva.


The wine Esencia Rural de Sol a Sol Velasco is a single varietal wine, product of 100% Velasco grapes, where the techniques used in the cultivation are in accordance with the philosophy of the winery, which focuses on minimising the intervention of the fruit and ensuring that this can express itself without limitations.
The grapes are harvested by hand in order to ensure that the fruit is in optimum condition when it reaches the winery. It is then macerated for 12 months in stainless steel tanks, followed by alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts.
The wine is then gently pressed to extract the must and aged in French oak barrels for at least 9 months.
As a final step, the wine is bottled without filtering or fining.


The wine from Sol a Sol Velasco of Bodega Esencia Rural is a red wine with aromas of blue fruits and a very characteristic spicy flavour. In each sip you will notice the presence of tannins and an impressive texture.

A full-bodied and very expressive wine.

The wine of Sol a Sol Velasco is defined as a full-bodied wine due to its impressive and unforgettable flavour. It goes well with aubergine dishes, red meats, semi-cured cheeses and smoked appetizers.
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