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Esencia Rural Pampaneo Ancestral 2022

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Esencia Rural
Vino de España

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9.29₣ (Exc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Switzerland



The Pampaneo Ancestral wine of the Esencia Rural winery is a natural sparkling wine made from the Airén grape variety, grown in the warm vineyards located in the Iberian Peninsula.
The fruit comes from very old vines planted in sandy-calcareous soils, under the application of artisanal techniques and methods that ensure the spontaneous expression of the fruit.
These vineyards do not use irrigation systems, mechanised processes or chemical treatments that could alter the flavour of the grapes. The philosophy of this winery focuses on the use of organic elements, artisanal techniques and environmentally friendly methods.


The Pampaneo Ancestral wine of the Esencia Rural winery is produced from the harvest of Airén grapes, which are treated with ancestral techniques that ensure minimal intervention.
Then, the fruit is completely destemmed and macerated until it reaches the ideal density for devatting. In this wine, the grapes are not subjected to a pressing process, but only the free-run juice is extracted.
After the extraction of the liquid, fermentation is carried out with indigenous yeasts, without disgorging, and the wine is then aged for 6 months on its fine lees and bottled.


Pampaneo Ancestral is a sparkling wine with a fine bubble texture, fresh fruit aroma and herbaceous tones. It has a volatile acidity level thatdenotes freshness and lightness when tasted.

A fresh and crisp wine

The freshness of this wine makes a perfect combination with the bubbly texture, making it a light and subtle wine. It is ideal with seafood, white fish and aperitifs.
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