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Cosmic Les Fades del Granit 2023

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Vino de España

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The Cosmic Les Fades del Granit wine is a vibrant and renewed expression of the native Catalan varieties of the Empordà. This table wine, produced in a limited edition of 3,796 bottles, is a testament to the dedication and respect for the land and its fruits.


Cosmic Les Fades del Granit is made from 50% Garnacha Tinta, 30% Cariñena Blanca and 20% Cariñena gris. These grapes are grown in the Prat d'Egna and Llocató vineyards, located at altitudes of 300 and 500 metres respectively, under a Pre-Pyrenean Mediterranean climate. Viticulture is carried out following ecological practices and biodynamic criteria, in sandy granitic soils. Pruning is carried out using traditional methods such as goblet and Royat, ensuring optimal exposure to the sun.


Vinification includes manual harvesting and careful destemming. The grapes macerate with their skins for five days, followed by gentle pressing. Fermentation is spontaneous, using indigenous yeasts in stainless steel tanks, with a final fermentation in glass bottles. This natural process is reflected in the wine, which is neither filtered nor stabilised and contains only 8mg/l of total sulphites.


Cosmic Les Fades del Granit is a petillant (lightly sparkling) wine, which is characterised by being revitalising, electric, fresh, festive and sparkling. This sparkling rosé is juicy and electric, ideal to enjoy in the warmer months. Its flavour profile makes it a delicious and easy-drinking choice, perfect both to savour slowly and to enjoy on a festive occasion.

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