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Cosmic Connexió Còsmica 2023

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Vino de España

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Còsmic Connexió Còsmica is an orange wine made from Xarel-lo, Moscatel de Alejandría and Chardonnay grapes in Penedès. The fruit is grown in vineyards with shallow limestone clay soils, located 300 metres above sea level, which determines its marked salinity.
It is also a wine with citrus and fruity tones that gives the palate a sensation of freshness that denotes the organic techniques used at each stage of its production.


Còsmic Connexió Còsmica wine is made using a variety of grapes grown using organic farming techniques, and biodynamic treatments.
When the grapes reach the optimum ripeness that determines the fruity flavour that characterises this wine, the harvest is started manually, ensuring that the fruit remains whole until it reaches the winery.
Then the maceration process begins with the skins and part of the stems, which lasts at least 8 days. Afterwards, a gentle pressing is applied to initiate the fermentation phase spontaneously with autochthonous yeasts.
Finally, the wine is aged on fine lees and placed in bottles without fining or filtering.


The Còsmic Connexió Còsmica wine has a marked aroma of citrus fruits and fruity and saline tones, which it balances perfectly with a touch of spices. On the palate you can taste the freshness that characterises it.

A wine that denotes the passion of its elaboration.

The Còsmic Connexió Còsmica wine denotes in its taste, the dedication in each phase of its elaboration, where the minimum intervention of chemicals or other elements that could alter its taste and texture is taken care of. It is ideal for pairing with appetizers and white fish.
A wine that pays tribute to the ecological process that characterises it.
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