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Can Sumoi Xarel.lo 2023

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Can Sumoi

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The Can Sumoi Xarel-lo wine is a pure and authentic expression of the Xarel-lo variety, which is an outstanding representative of the Penedés region. This wine is 100% Xarel-lo, a shy variety with many aromatic nuances that surprise with time.


This wine is made with a deep respect for ancestral traditions and without any oenological additives. The grapes were harvested at the beginning of September on a fruity day. After the harvest, the wine was gently crushed and pressed in an inert atmosphere, followed by pressing at low pressure. Alcoholic fermentation was carried out in stainless steel tanks at a temperature of 18°C, using indigenous yeasts from the vineyard for 16 days. In addition, spontaneous malolactic fermentation was carried out and battonage was performed twice a week for 3 months.


Can Sumoi Xarel-lo is characterised by notes of aromatic Mediterranean plants, aniseed, fruit and white flowers. In the mouth, it is structured, glyceric, fresh and with a characteristic bitter touch. This variety is vinified without intervention and without ageing, which gives us the most sincere expression of the variety.

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