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Bertha Lounge 2022

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Bertha Lounge is a sparkling wine from the Cava DO, made from a blend of 2 grape varieties, 50% Parellada and 50% Xarel-lo by the Bertha winery in the region of Catalonia (Spain).
The grapes with which this wine is made grow in several vineyards surrounding the winery, and are located about 2 kilometres from the Spanish town of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.
The viticulture in the winery and in the vineyards is carried out organically, respecting the environment and the fauna of the area.


Berta Lounge is produced using traditional methods. The experience of many years in the sector is used, taking into account the technical and technological advances of recent years.
After following traditional methods, a second carbonic fermentation takes place in the bottle at 13 °C, brought about by the addition of selected yeasts and sugar. This turns the wine into a cava or, in other words, a type of sparkling wine.
Subsequently, after the production process, Bertha Lounge is aged in the bottle for nine to thirteen months.


This is a fresh wine that stands out for its intense fruity, floral and citrus aromas. On the palate it has a very pleasant, warm, citric entry and a perfectly integrated acidic taste sensation with the release of crisp bubbles.

A light and vibrant sparkling wine

Bertha Lounge is a contemporary sparkling wine that preserves the character of the grape and the qualities of its short ageing.
The Bertha winery is based on the elaboration of high quality products from a careful selection of slow fermentation wines and a limited production.
In the gastronomic field it is a perfect sparkling wine as an aperitif and ideal to accompany salads, pasta, salmon, trout and poultry.
Dare to try this magnificent sparkling wine, produced by the Bertha winery, you will be fascinated!

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