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Daterra Portela Do Vento Blanco 2020

15.65€ (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Spain

14.85€/ud (-5%)

Daterra Viticultores
Vino de España

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15.65€ (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Spain

14.85€/ud (-5%)



This is a white wine classified in the orange range due to its striking amber colour, which, in addition to being fresh, is characterised by being aromatic and complex.
Its acidity and astringency is an element that also distinguishes it from the others from this winery, as it denotes that it is a wine that has been made using artisanal techniques.


It is called a wine with little intervention in its production, as one of the most relevant elements of this process is the fact that the grapes are harvested by hand.
Afterwards, they are macerated with the skins for at least 16 days until the liquid turns an orangey colour, which gives it its characteristic astringency when tasted.
The following 11 months, this wine is aged in 500-litre chestnut barrels, without this affecting its particular aroma, as the fruity aromas that define it are enhanced by the contact with the wood.
However, this process makes it more complex, as it increases the creaminess in the mouth, giving it a dense texture. This type of wine does not undergo a filtering process, thus denoting that it is of minimal intervention.


This wine stands out for its acidity and freshness. However, as we have already mentioned, it has a touch of astringency due to the maceration process of the fruit with the skins.

A wine that brings freshness to the palate

The acidity is a characteristic that makes Portela Dovento a particular wine, as it brings freshness in each sip, without overshadowing the nuances of the fruit that contribute to its astringency.
The Daterra Portela Do Vento White is definitely a complex wine that makes it an excellent accompaniment to any meal, especially when it comes to dishes made with fish and seafood and to enjoy with appetizers that include in their ingredients, creamy cheeses, not so cured.
Tell us about your experience tasting Daterra Portela Do Vento Blanco and with which dish you chose to taste it.

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