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Marko Gure Arbasoak 2021

18.95€ (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Spain

18.00€/ud (-5%)

Oxer Bastegieta
Bizkaiko Txakolina

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18.95€ (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Spain

18.00€/ud (-5%)



Marko Gure Arbasoak is a chacolí produced entirely in the region of Vizcaya, specifically in the village of Kortezubi, where Oxer Bastegieta is from. This white wine not only reflects a great personality, but also Oxer's great respect for artisanal production to achieve superior quality products.
The vineyard from which the grapes used come is more than a century old and its clay-limestone soils are ideal for the fruit of the vine to develop perfectly.


The first step in the production of this wine is the harvesting process, which is carried out in the traditional way without any type of machinery. After pressing, it is time for vinification, with an ageing period of eight months in used French oak barrels.
The result is an organic, ecological, unclarified wine that does not contain any animal ingredients. If you want to enjoy a good glass and also consume a product made under a sustainable production system, this is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you.


On the nose, its aroma is fruity with floral nuances while on the palate it is possible to perceive creamy, mineral and slightly smoky notes. It is dry, slightly acidic and full-bodied. Moreover, its long finish means that you can savour it with every sip without losing its intensity - it is really delicious!

A tribute to our ancestors

Marko Gure Arbasoak not only follows the process of harvesting and vinification of a traditional chacolí, but, as its name "gure arbasoak" indicates, it is also a tribute to those who have left their mark both in our lives and in the world of wine.
It is ideal to enjoy with the family, during a special dinner, especially with white meats or fish such as cod or trout. Try it and let us know what you think.
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