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Esencia Rural De Sol a Sol Tempranillo 2019

10.90€ (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Spain

Esencia Rural
Vino de España

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10.90€ (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Spain



De Sol a Sol Tempranillo by the Bodega Esencia Rural winery is a fruity red wine made from Tempranillo grapes coming from vines over 150 years old, with sandy-calcareous soils.
For its elaboration, the oenologist follows the philosophy that has determined his winery from the beginning, trying to allow the fruit to express itself spontaneously without the intervention of labour or chemical elements that could alter its naturalness.
It is defined as a broad red wine, thanks to the variety of nuances that can be perceived both in aromas and flavour.


The wine De Sol a Sol Tempranillo of Bodega Esencia Rural is the result of the application of biodynamic agriculture to the Tempranillo grape, where no industrialisation process intervenes with the ripening of the fruit.
When the fruit has reached its optimum level of ripeness, the harvesting process begins by hand, thus guaranteeing that the grapes will arrive at the winery in a suitable condition to be fermented with indigenous yeasts.
Then, the fruit is subjected to a maceration phase together with its skins, for a period of 190 days to be aged for 12 months, using used oak barrels for this process.
The resulting must is also subjected to natural stabilisation and then bottled without filtering or adding sulphites that could alter the taste or aroma.


De Sol a Sol Tempranillo is a red wine with spicy nuances on the palate that give it a long lasting flavour. It is a full-bodied wine with a variety of aromas and balsamic tones.

A powerful and structured wine

The intense colour of this wine and the texture provided by the maceration with its skins make it a powerful and full-bodied wine. It is an excellent choice for tasting with red meats.
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