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Faustino Crianza 2019

5.75€ (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Spain

Bodegas Faustino

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5.75€ (Inc. VAT bot. 75 cl.) / Spain



Faustino Crianza is a red wine produced in the D.O.Ca Rioja by the Faustino winery. The vineyards are located between the municipalities of Laguardia and Oyón. It is a wine made only with Tempranillo grapes.
Bodega Faustino is one of the most respected wineries in Spain, the work is based on tradition, love and respect for nature.


The grapes used to make Faustino Crianza wine come from the winery's 650 hectares of vineyards.
The stages that make up the vinification and elaboration process of this wine are carried out in the traditional way. Faustino Crianza, before bottling, is aged in American oak barrels for 14 months.
The care of the vineyard and the harvest are carried out under the teachings of decades of dedication to the world of wine in La Rioja.


Beautiful reddish color. It has a magnificent structure and the aroma of red fruits and some wood is identified. It is smooth, but incredibly persistent. It is not too dry and the acidity is pleasant.

A well-balanced, smooth and fragrant red with a red fruit fragrance.

Faustino Crianza is an incredible red wine from Bodega Faustino. It is a faithful representative of one of the wineries with a long tradition in Spain. This wine from La Rioja has been elaborated with the Tempranillo grape variety.
This grape variety produces wines with long aging, balanced in color, with a soft and fruity palate, evolving to velvety as it ages.
Itis a wine that has a pleasant aromatic intensity and is one of those red wines that cannot be overlooked.
In gastronomy, this red wine can perfectly accompany any type of meat, spicy fish stews, roast and braised turkey, etc.
Do you dare to enjoy the pleasure of Faustino Crianza red wine? Tell us in the comments what you think.

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Product Reviews
Customer reviews
  • 23/04/20 Faustino Crianza 2016 Faustino overall is a first class wine. Great price.
  • 10/04/20 Faustino Crianza 2016 Top Crianza aus einem Top Jahrgang zum günstigen Kurs. Jetzt schon gut zu trinken, aber auch noch einige Jahre Lagerpotential.
  • 17/05/19 Faustino Crianza 2016 Super Wein um abends gemütlich auf dem Balkon etwas mediterranes Gefühl zu erleben .Toll mit Antipasti kombinierbar.